Host City Antalya

The biggest advantage of the city and the area is the mild climate. In Antalyathere is no snow and frost. According to a statistics being valid for all the outdoor sports branches, only 1 out of 100 trainings is being cancelled due to precipitation or wind in the winter period which starts by the frst week of November and continuing until the beginning of March. In the following pages, you may see the weather statistics. On the magnifcent coastline that extends from east to west of Antalya and in its vicinity, there are facilities, felds and tracks where the camps of all sports branches are able to be realized. If it is considered in logistic aspect, the airport, sports facilities and accommodation units being very close and even nested, and besides the ease of transportation is making Antalya the correct location for all the sportive organizations. When it is compared with the other sports tourism cities having similar climatic conditions, all services provided in Antalya are about 25-30% cheaper compared to its competitors. As Antalya is one of the tourism cities having the most extensive variety of accommodation units in the world, as comprehensive packages are being provided by the travel agencies and as all inclusive system is being implemented in most of the hotels, the sportsman guests are able to beneft from all the advantages. The sports managers and the administrators of clubs are getting the support of our professional teams on all issues from communication to transportation and from food & beverage to accommodation details during their preparation camps or during the tournaments they participate, and thus they are able to concentrate on their main purposes. Finally, we have to speak of the quality of service and interest which is actually the most signifcant advantage of the region. You encounter an organization structure that is concerned with you and with all your requirements on 7/24 basis. Everyone within the organization scheme becomes a part of your team, and they strive to make you feel at home.